There, Not There
May 1st - 15th, 2013, OZ Studios

There, Not There is a collaboration by two photo based artists who each explore a journey, one national and one local, through both analogue and automated digital processes.

Josh MacDonald’s work from the series Kodachrome vs. Google Maps follows the vagabond road trip across Canada with only his brother, ten rolls of expired Kodachrome and a point-and-shoot camera. The resulting images are snapshots that document their journey. The selection presented in There, Not There is a nostalgic reflection on their trip, in which MacDonald’s photographs are paired with a corresponding image from Google Street View.

Andrew Williamson’s work based on the series Stripped From the Archive, uses Google Street View as a database to trace a local journey along the entire west side of Dundas West in Toronto while representing the collection of images together from the recent past.
All Images Copyright Andrew Williamson